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The theme of this web site is " Let's make optical goods by yourself !"

Only some part of my pages are translated in English now ,but Visitor can see many hand made telescopes which will make it comfortable to watch the stars in the sky.

Optical products show room ( Hand made prototype )

HE01 model : 4" Reflector telescope with ergonomics design

HE02 model : 4" Refractor telescope with hand grips

HE03 model : Ergonomics designed mounting specialized for HE02 model

HE04 model : 45 degree erect image view finder

HE05 model : 6" Reflector telescope with Dob style 

What is the ergonomics about telescope ?

Reader's AMT show room

no.14 Telescope using far-sight glasses

no.12 Sun filter cut infrared ray

no.11 60 mm F15 refractor improved

no.10 60 mm F15 long refractor

no.9  Telescope made from magnifying glass

no.8  The astronomical binocular system with the navigator

no.7  60 mm refractor

no.6  50 mm refractor

no.5  65 mm refractor

no.4  44 mm astro binocular

no.3  40 mm refractor

no.2  40 mm F20 Long Refractor

no.1  4.5 " ( 114 mm) Reflector telescope

Various Ideas

Simple secondary mirror holder for newtonian reflector

Ocular made from scraped binocular

Star Wacthing

Astro drawings


LINKS to other web sites of telescope new! (update all)

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