NO.11 Mr.Seta improved his first telescope.
D60mm F15 refractor

I have reconstructed my hand made telescope D=60mm(2.4") to be able to use with 2 inch size eyepiece.

The following picture shows the appearance of it.
60mm refractor
 I attached blue colored seat on the main tube . I have not decided the color of the hood.

As the size of the tripod is not big enough ,it is able to be used with just watching through.

I have improved the focusing tube to fit the 2 " size eyepiece .
So I can use H-50mm eyepiece which is made by TOMY in a reasonable price.

 As this gives the wide field of views;2.5 degree true field ,18 times of magnifications , I can get the target with the telescope without finder scope.

The followings shows my oculars using with this telescope.

from the left ,H50 , SWK22 , WO13.5 & barlow lens

I think it is very fun to improve hand made telescope.