No.10 The first telescope made by Mr. Seta
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D=60mm f=900mm Refractor telescope
Explanations by the owner

 The objective lens is made by CARTON optics which I bought at the bargain sales of the telescope shop.

 The main tube is made from plastics tube for water .I attached the black seal inside of the main tube and the draw tube instead of painting black .
draw tube
 And I installed 3 stopper rings inside of  the tube .

 The draw tube are consist of some different aperture pipes .The focussing is just to slide in and out .

 The most difficult point of making this telescope is the way to supporting the objective lens .

 As I got the lens without the cell so I had to make it by myself .

 I came to the answer ; I made some C rings (made from also plastics tube) and installed them inside of the main tube to fit and hold the lens .

 I made the hood long enough So the length of this telescope is about 1.1m (3 feet and 8 inch)
 It is long but weights is light (total weight is about 4 kg including tripod) and it require only 3 minutes to prepare .

 Adjusting the optics is just the way ;tilt the objective to reflect the eye image from draw tube back .

 I use the  2 oculars ; SWK22 (41 x) and WO13.5 ( 67x) and no problem found in that way .
 Although I just looked the moon ,Jupiter and Saturn through this telescope but I recognized It gives better images than that on the spotting scopes which I use .

 I can see many craters on the moon very well and 2 belts on the Jupiter the ring of the saturn clearly .

 I haven't painted the plastics tube now but I am going to attach the colored seat on it .

 I also want to make a finding scope for this telescope .

 When I make this telescope , I refereed to the web pages such as here ,  Kimura's home page, Lets make a telescope and may others .Thanks to them .

> Is the tripod for some other use originally?

 I bought it at the bargain sale the same time .
 It was the tripod for 60 mm telescope originally but the mounting part was broken . So I could get it as a cheap junk parts .
 It has Slow motion moving for both up vertical and horizontal axis .

> How the telescope are attached to the tripod ?

 It consist of C rings of plastic tube .
 Which is the same tube of main tube �D
 The width of the c ring is 4 cm (1.5") .It is enough to support the main tube .
 The C rings are put on the wood base using the screws .

> How long and how much did it cost to make this telescope?

 It takes not so long time to cut and built the materials .
 I gave more time to think the construction and find the materials .
 I think the total time to make it is about 5 or 6 hours .
 Thinking ,finding  the materials and making are all fun .
 The total cost of this telescope is about \25000 (=25 US $) for lens ,tripod , materials.

Thanks to Mr. Seta we can see how the telescope are made .
I believe the long focus F 15 achromatic lens gives very clear image ....yamaca

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