No. 5 Mr.Mimura's hand made telescope
D=65 mm ( 2.5 " ) Refractor
65 mm refractor
Objective lens:
Achromatic lens ( by BORG )
D=65mm ,f=450 mm ( F= 6.9 )

Main tube :
PVC plastic 75 mm

Draw tube :
Stainless steel for car exhorts 52 mm

LV30mm ( 2 " size ,VIXEN )
 or with 2 "/1.25 adapter, 
 SWK22 mm (1.25 " size ,BORG)

Mass:965 g

Mounting :
TG-SK ( with 80 mm tube band , TAKAHASI ready made )

 After I completed my first telescope , I finished this telescope colorful again using vivid blue and silver colored  cutting sheet .

 Sealing the cutting sheet on the plastic tube is rather harder than on paper tube .

I surfer from air gaps between tube and the sheet .

I finally succeeded by using water spray like when you used it to add film on the car window.

inside of the tube
2 rings and black piled seal added inside of the tube

Much brighter than my first 40 mm F10.5 telescope .

out look

I want to try to make a mounting of metal like aluminum in the future with the help of my friend who works at the factory

I am planning to go to sea shore or mountains to enjoy seeing stars with my kids .