NO.1 This telescope is made by Mr.Yokoyama ( 6th Jun 1999 )
4.5" ( 114 mm ) F 7.9 Reflector telescope

114mm reflector
Aperture 4.5" ( 114mm)
focus length 35 " ( 900 mm )
secondary mirror 0.9 "  ( 23 mm ) 
holder 25 mm
Draw tube  only for 24.5 mm size 
Material of main tube spiral paper tube, stainless pipe,
Mass of the scope 2 kg
Total Mass 9 kg 
( equation mounting and tripod included)
Cost 13,000 yen ( us$ 108 )
accessory  K-12 mm 5 times finder


Explanation by the owner
114mm reflector
 I remade the telescope making kit ( KT 10 cm ) from Orbys . I ordered the mirror to change the original f=500mm mirror to more longer type of f=900mm .So I cut the tube and made it longer with stainless tube

 As this telescope is specialized for the moon and planets , I set the outer focus long enough to avoid the reflecting light and attached the black pile tape inside of the the tube . So the contrast of the image is rather good although using the open tube .

 I can feel light ass image .
The following picture indicates the surface of the mirror on this telescope. It seems not so good.
114mm mirror surface