No. 4 Hand made by Mr. Yokoyama .
Binocular for 2 inch size ocular - " WINDOWS 44 "

44 mm 
6.5 times 
True Field
13 degree
total Mass
2 kg 
50000 yen
include the fee of 2 oculars
40000 yen


Explanations by the owner

 Hand made binocular using the 2 " size ocular ( Wide Scan 30 mm by KOKUSAI KOKI )

The Draw tube is made from stainless pipe sold for the end cap of car exhorts pipe .

I put the plastic pipe (PVC) on it to find the focus point by sliding back and forth .

Two main tubes are combined with large hinge for door . User can change the distance of the tubes from 59 mm to 70 mm by bending at the hinge .

fig 2 :adjusting mechanics using door hinge

 Right tube is hold inside of the more bigger pipe by 3 pushing screws .This allows the tube to be adjusted to match the looking axis . ( see fig 3 )

adjuter for axis
fig . 3 :looking axis regulator using 3 pushing screws

 As I adopt 2 big 2 " size oculars and stainless steel pipe for draw tube , total mass became 2 kg .

 Low power allow me to use this in free hands but its heavy mass makes me tired early , so I put it on the mounting sold for the binocular .

I plan to see the star lying on the beach chair .
on the mount fig. 4 : put on the mount

The wide 13 degree field is splendid and it gives a whole look of parallelogram of the harp .

 I can feel quasi stereo feeling ; brighter star look closer ; and 84 degree FOV gives me The grand view .

The trip to the milky way of summer is very exciting .

This binocular is very interesting because you can never get one like this .