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Links to web sites about telescope

short cut  Company and association concerning ATM (25) /  Others (15)

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Personal ATM Home page

Astronomical Files from Black Oak Observatory
 With many visual figures , the basic of optics are showned here 

Astro photo club
 The site by the professional optical engineer  who  made  optical simulation software on the PC.

Imdygo's page
 He designed several astronomical binoculars.

MIT Paburo's page
 Hand made 6 " reflector telescope

 2 Rebuilt 8" schmidt cassegrain telescope , 8" newtonian telescope for the moon watching and the observatory built by the author. 

SSATO'S Homepage(English available)
 4" reflector using the kit from Orbys,8" reflector ,6 cm refractor for the sun .

Sioya's astronomical ovservatory
 77mm and 65mm refractor telescope.

Mr.Kikuta's page Astronomical binoculars
  He designed several astronomical binoculars and big dobsonians.

The first telescope with kids
  4 cm F20 and 6 cm F6.6 handmade refractors are introduced.

Works of Binocular
  The author Mr.Nisioka made the first Dob style telescope in Japan.He continues to study optical goods.

Report of making big binocular
 He tried to make 8" Binocular.

Romantic hand made workshop
 Many kind of hand made things cotainin 2 astro gears.

Terry's Place
 50,60,80mm,150mm、200mm・・・you can see many handmade telescope

Let's make your telescope
 20" Dobsonian completely made by the author Mr.Tomoda is shown here with photos . Much other information is also introduced.

Making Telescope , Observing astronomy , Guiter
various AMT items

TENMON GARAKUTA KOUBOU   (Astronomical Junk gear making Works)
  Many useful accessories made by the author Mr.Ikeda are introduced with many photos.

How to make bench lathe
 The author tried to make small lathe.

 You can see handmade 15 cm ( 6") Dobsonian telescope.

Nagaya's bird watching
 Hand made accessories for field scope to get pictures of bird.

Welcome to my small observatory
 hand made CCD camera for astronomy etc.

Neon's page
 40mm telescope for the sun eclipse.

 The unique Dobsonian which is made of  GFRP.

Let's start making electronics circuit
 Web text for electronics.

Big Bino (English is available)
  This is the site made by the professional engineer whose hobby is making giant binoculars. 

Skywalk from the porch
 He made many kinds of hand made telescope. 

Maki's web site 
 Many hand made instruments and experiments for telescope.

Mission to the southern cross
 Hand made telescope etc.

Forest ,water and the sky
 Hand made 12cm reflector, field scope for bird watching,illustrations etc.

Welcome to KIMURA's web site
 8" newtonian telescope with truss flame is shown here . Many other hand made telescopes are also shown there .

My garden and the flowers
 Hand made reflectors of 11.4cm、15cm、20cm、31cm

Company and association concerning  ATM

Akizuki electronics goods market place
 Famous Japanese electronics market place at Akiba.

Edmund Scientific (English)
 Many optical parts are sold here . USA site.

Ohtomi co,ltd
 Materials for D.I.Y

ORBYS co,ltd ( Telescope house OSAKA)
 KOL kit series are sold here . KOL kit is the telescope kit which have been sold for over 30 years in Japan .lens ,mirror are sold here .

OLPHE works
 He helps us to make telescope parts with reasonable price.

 They sell many kinds of optical goods.
 Metal material

San yu electoronics co,ltd
 Small bearing,motor fan etc.

Japan hobby tool
 Many kinds of tool for optical goods.

Matsumoto's Home Page -Radical telescope (English available)
 Mr.Matsumoto is selling EMS (Erecting Mirror System) that is invented by him to achieve the telescope easy to look with clear erected image .

Astro party Tenpyou no mori
 Astro photos and Hand made Dobsonian.

 Metal and engineering plastics material for D.I.Y 

Tomy tec
 The parent company TOMY is famous toy company in Japan . OASIS is the telescope making division of this company .The brand of the telescope is BORG .Many parts of this scope is available for DIY use .

 Free software that is compatible with AUTOCAD which is the almost standard of 2D CAD

Let's enjoy the starry sky (Himeji astronomical association)
 Mounting for binoculars , portable equatorial for photo , etc.

Fun science gallery (English available)
 How to make educational instruments including telescope.

Photron co,ltd
Personal CAD maker.

Proto Star (English)
 American parts maker of secondary mirror for newtonian .

Mizar (English is available)
 traditional telescope maker in Japan.

Milk community club
 you can see how to make telescope with milk container

University Optics  (English )
 American telescope parts maker .The Low profile draw tube for reflector are sold here .

Lens ya
 Professional optical designer.

 Web shop for D.I.Y

Wakabadai astronomical association (English is available)
  You can see many handmade telescopes .They are struggling with Light pollution problem in Japan .


Other favorite astronomical web sites on the web

Atro Arts
 The publisher of the astro magazine.You can see the latest astro news.

Japan Aerospaxe exploration Agency(English)
 The institute of space craft of Japan.

QV-8000SX Photo Gallery
 Many astro photo by digital camera.

Kiyosato otomo observatory
 many meteors are found by Mr.Otomo here .He is also struggling with light pollution problem. 

The Comet hunter Seki Tutomu's Home page
 The World famous comet hunter, Mr.Tutomu Seki's home page has just started.

 Japanese monthly astronomical magazine

Tsuyuneko FC.
 She is the professional illustrator.

Histrical telescope vertual musium
 Histricaly important telescope and the persons are introduced wit CG movies.


Web gallery KAZUKO
 Drawings of various theme.

Science channel
 Free online sceientific tv programs.

 Technical portal site of Japan  

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