No.8  Mr. tatehata's original mounting for the astronomical binocular with the navigator
Astro binocular with navi
Here are the photos of  my binocular mounting system .
astro bino with navigator
As I taken these photos using the wide angle lens , the width of the mounting  seems more  wide than the truth.
astro binocular with navigation
 The accuracy of the mounting is good enough to get the target in the field of the scope .

The navigation  is MAG-1 which is the digital assistant system for manual moving..
More quicker than any motorized navigator such as the SKY SENSOR 2000 .

You must be careful not to forget to push  arrange key when you get the target in the center of the field .Otherwise the amount of error will increase bit by bit .

 There are 2 water leveling gage ;one on the mounting and the other is on the binocular .
Using the levels and 2 stars  in the sky ,the setting will be completed .

The original navi can hold a square type battery 006p type (9V) inside of it but will spend out them within a night .
 So I prepare 6 batteries (UM3 type) inside of  the mounting .These batteries keeps power for few days .

binocular with navi