Model name: HE02

4 inch Refractor telescope with hand grip

Ergonomics designed telescope 2nd version.

 This is the 4 " (100 mm) refractor telescope which can be hold with your hands even during observation.
HE02 in using style
 By using 2 mirrors between Objective lens and eye piece ,it is very comfortable to look in the eye piece .
 Enough optical performance at any magnification .In low power you can get clear image without coma .
 In high power (around 80 times) you can see the splendid views of the Moon craters ,Belts of the Jupiter and the ring of the Saturn .
 At High magnification  you should better to set this telescope on the camera tripod using the screw on the bottom .
HE02 left side viewfig
D = 4 inch (100 mm) f=25 inch (640 mm)
Folding refractor using 1 achromatic objective lens and 2 flat surface mirrors
Draw tube with hericoid for 1.25" eyepiece
Hand grips ,instant  finder ,0.25" size Screw hole for tripod
mass 3.0 kg (without ocular)
optical drawing fg
Optical layout of this telescope
 Using 2 flat surface mirrors between  the objective lens and  the eye lens , it is no use to bent your neck  so hard and to hold the scope too high .The size of the mirror 1 is 70 mm and mirror 2 is 42 mm .Both of them are for newtonian reflector originally .
 Main flame of this scope is consist of 4 aluminum angles . The Coverings are made of FRP .