Simple second mirror holder for reflector

 The photo below is the typical sub mirror holder of newtonian sold in the market.

tipical secondary mirror
 The mirror cell is hold by the center screw through the hole of the holder. Three small screws are pushing the cell.
  When you want to adjust the tilt angle of the mirror like below.....

tilt mirror

  The second mirror will shift away from the center position in the typical mirror holder system like following figure.
  Because the tilt center is away from the secondary mirror.
  So you must adjust the length of the spider also.
mirror shift
 Following photo and section figure are my idea to solve this problem .
The tilt center is much more close to the mirror compared with the typical holder.

new ideanew idea figure

 The mirror does not tilt in the center screw any more. The mirror cell is combined to the center screw with brass wire (sticked with solder)
 As the mirror is tilt at this brass wire, so the amount of shifting is very small.
 You don't have to worry about the metal fatigue of the brass wire because the tilting amount is rather small at optical adjustment .
 This system is easy to make.