No.9 Mr.Adachi made his first telescope by himself .
Telescope made from magnifying glass
Letter from maker
Hello ,I am 11 years old .I made this telescope as a home work of this summer vacation .
I wanted to see the moon with a telescope but I couldn't because I don't have it .But some one told me that I might be able to make it by myself .

My mother showed me this web page in internet .
 I done just the way this page introduced here and succeed to make up  very easily

hand made telescope

I've make two telescopes using magnifying glass as a objective and a eye lens .
In 25th August I saw the moon and found that the surface of  it was rough.
"I've got it" I shouted in my mind .
I 've brought these telescopes to my school and got a prize .
close up
I love to make things .One day want to make a reflector next time .good bye .

> What are these telescopes are made of ?

Both of my telescope no.1 and no.2  are made of thick paper .
No.2 has wooded base with screw from umbrella top which fit for tripod of camera.
The main tube is about 3 mm wider than draw tube .I found that was the best to move in and out.

> Congratulations Mr.Adachi and thank you very much to introduce yours here .
If visitor want to make a telescope seeing my page Paper telescope (sorry written in Japanese only now), please confer the above  telescopes too .(yamaca)